This may mean "bloom where you are planted", or it may mean your roots have outgrown the planter and you need to spread your roots to find a way to keep growing. Either way, you know in your heart you need to keep growing! Because if you're not, you're probably feeling stuck or stagnant in areas of your life. That never feels good, but it CAN change.

take control of



Be the Architect of your own life. Come back to the essence of your True Self and be the kind of person you want to be. It's easy to lose our way and feel unbalanced in work, family, or relationships. This can often lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or addictions. That's where counseling can help. With the right tools you can handle things better and feel better faster.  

stop worrying


Worry about the future, regret about our past, all time spent thinking about things that we can't change or control. Focusing on the here and NOW, what you can learn from your past, and how you can apply those lessons to your future lead you moving forward in a hopeful and positive way. 


Letting go of your FEARS. They serve only to hold you back from the things you want. True intimacy, life satisfaction, quality relationships, taking risks for the rewards you know are waiting. All these come with working through your fears.


The first step is identifying and acknowleging your fears. The second is taking action to overcome them. Maybe there are roadblocks (past trauma, PTSD, OCD) that you need help to move past. This is where counseling can help. Together we address your fears and co-create an action plan. One that is do-able, hopeful, and energizing. Call today for a free consultation 469-556-5234 to learn more. 

Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.

~  Jerry Parkins

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Your Greatest strenghts.


I engage in strength-based counseling. Focusing on identifying strengths and capabilities you may not even be aware you have. 


Qualities or abilities with the right focus and cultivation can manifest into competent coping skills for your fluctuating mood, anxiety, and stress. 




What are the energy drainers in your life? What's stopping you from feeling and doing your best in all the different roles you play? There are so many distractions pulling us away from our true path. We feel it, but aren't sure how to "see the forest for all the trees"!


Together we can identify ways to recharge your batteries, set limits, and move in directions that are positive, feel good, and are grounded in your needs and values. 


Tricia Gagnon, MS, Ed.S, LPC-S.

I have been coming to see Tricia on and off as life presents its issues. She is very professional and attentive. She is a great listener and will objectively evaluate your situation and present ideas and coping strategies to help you along. I have recommended her to many friends and associates and they have been pleased as well. Don't be afraid to make the call.

                                                            Bob B


When we first started seeing Tricia, I felt like I was drowning in a world of my daughter's obsessions and compulsions.  It seemed like life in general just kept adding to that sinking feeling.  Tricia helped me regain my sense of self and pull my daughter out from under her fears.  I am happy to say our lives are no longer run by OCD.  Tricia gave us our lives back.

                                                     Peggy M.

Tricia helped me through some rough spots in my life. I would see her again if need be.

                                                      B. Harris



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